‘Vacation Diaries’ offers exceptional, exclusive and offbeat luxurious home stays equipped with all modern amenities and situated in the most captivating natural surroundings. We love our guests to explore the unfiltered nature surrounding our enchanting home stays and also encourage them to explore the local secrets and special nooks and crannies of our ethereal neighbourhood. At ‘Vacation Diaries’, our mantra is to help you to be one with nature and spend your time in the most idyllic and panoramic surroundings and go back ‘Rejuvenated’

‘Vacation Diaries’, specialising in exclusive boutique Homestays and lodges is the brainchild of a team of entrepreneurs having deep roots in the hospitality and adventure travel industry.


We have launched two New Chapters of our Diaries in pristine locations of Himachal Pradesh. ‘Barog Diaries- kasauli Hills’ and ‘Manali Diaries – Solang’ Both “Chapters” are situated at quiet and breath-taking valley view locations

‘Barog Diaries’ is like your personal heaven on earth. Located on a Hill Top overlooking Solan valley and Barog town, the property has been lovingly built in the hill architecture style incorporating locally available raw materials be it the stone lined cottage or the pine wood used for the interiors and exteriors. The cottage has been built to be one with nature. Rest assured that when you visit us at “Barog Diaries”, each of your experiences would be a memorable one, whether you are a Nature lover, Bird watcher, fitness enthusiast, Trek lover , camper and also for those of you who would just love to do nothing at all and soak in the fresh air laden with the aroma of pines. 

‘Manali Diaries’ sits pretty on the banks of the Solang Nallah at an altitude of 8,500 feet above sea level. It overlooks the beautiful Solang Valley and has been built keeping in mind the magnificence of nature surrounding it. The mesmerising view of the valley bathed in sunshine or covered in pristine snow is sure to take your breath away. The magnificent Dauladhar & Pir Panjar range provides a awe inspiring backdrop to experience the glory of nature perched in the comfort of the home stay.

‘Manali Diaries’ have been lovingly constructed using locally available raw materials like cedar and walnut wood, slate and stone and blends in with the surroundings seamlessly.

Vaneeta is the soul and driving force of “Vacation Diaries”. She is the founder and lead adventurer at her own company “Go Boundless”. The passion for adventure and the urge to give the very best of facilities to all her fellow travellers is the mantra which drives her success.

Vaneeta thrives on her relentless pursuit of excellence be it in her role as an entrepreneur, a top shot Rally car driver, Off road competitor or a family person.

Rajesh Mukhyan, after completion of his studies, went back to his village in the interiors of Himachal Pradesh. Although he grew ambivalent about the country life, he never grew ambivalent about its lovely settings of woods, orchards, lake and the snow-covered mountains. Inspired by the enchantments of nature, he started a small venture, The Wilderness at Narkanda, way back in 1989. Rajesh’s vision and intimacy with the natural settings in the mountains through his project, felicitated learning of how to live among the simplicities of nature that he found extremely fulfilling. All this while in the hospitality sector, Rajesh found the true meaning of work and leisure. The passion of it all made him look out for newer places and open similar offbeat hideouts to share with travelers. When not busy looking after his customers, Rajesh is a keen explorer to unknown destinations and loves his stints in landscaping and horticulture.

Pritipal, a Hotel management Graduate with a rich experience ranging from Sales to Learning & Development across various industries from Hotels to telecom.

For 30 years Pritipal was the perfect corporate guy until he finally decided to move to his passion ‘hospitality and travel’.

His greatest strength lies in solving complex problems with ease and clarity.